Welcome to Whidbey Millhouse

Creating materials for fine home finishes

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A history of Whidbey Millhouse®. 

Whidbey Millhouse formed in 2016, by long time island residents Dan Edwards and Chris Harrett. Both founders have a long history of buying/selling, and custom re-manufacturing lumber on a larger scale.  They specialized in sales of raw lumber to foreign and domestic manufacturers of windows, doors, moldings and furniture.  


- "We realized we were selling our raw lumber to foreign and domestic manufacturers, who in turn sold finished goods in bulk to USA importers and local distribution warehouses, who in turn sold those goods to retailers, who in turn sold to the general public”. 

The initial goal of the millhouse was to create a small volume of superior quality finishes for a local community of high-end water-front homes on Whidbey Island.  Very quickly sales were pulled statewide, and by the end of 2017 shipping of Whidbey Millhouse flooring, shiplap and trim boards ranged from Alaska to Connecticut to Texas and SoCal. 

By shipping directly from skilled craftsman to your door several steps can be eliminated.  The wasteful need for multiple companies to profit while shipping and holding inventory in dozens of locations is eliminated. The savings is shared with our customers by keeping prices low, and by implementing tough quality control.  

- "Growing up in a small island community, we understand the importance of quality standards, customer service and our environmental impact.  Good news travels fast here, and the alternative will shut your lights off very quickly."

Now in 2019 Whidbey Millhouse is looking at the next step. We plan to move into a larger facility and share space, resources and and ideas with additional local independent artisans, bringing a wider variety of quality finishes. Until then we'll keep our focus on doug fir flooring, pine flooring and several types of shiplap.