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Tight Knot Pine Nickel-Gap Shiplap 6-1/2"  

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Whidbey Millhouse Easy-Fit T&G joints allow for hidden nailing and stress-free assembly.  


Whether used as an accent, or to cover a large otherwise bland area, pine shiplap is a timeless look that adds texture and simple charm. This is a great alternative to tired standard coverings and after all, has anyone ever commented on the warmth and character of drywall?  

$ 3.50/sqft  6-1/2" Coverage Area


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Not recommended for painting white.

If planning to use white paint we suggest using spruce:

See Paint Grade Shiplap page 

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What is Ponderosa Pine?

Pinus ponderosa, commonly known as the ponderosa pine, bull pine, blackjack pine, or western yellow-pine, is a very large pine tree species of variable habitat native to the western United States and Canada. The National Register of Big Trees lists a Ponderosa Pine that is 235 ft tall and 324 in  in circumference. 


Interior applications are usually limited to doors, windows, moldings and furniture.  Ponderosa Pine has a low Janka rating.  It will dent and show wear quickly when used for flooring. That look however is common to mountain cabins and some old farm houses, where anything but rustic may look out of place.

Note: We do use Ponderosa Pine, Englemann Spruce and Lodgepole pine as well.  If you are concerned please ask which species we're currently working with.

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