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Rustic Douglas Fir Flooring 

Rustic Wide Plank Doug Fir Flooring 6-3/4"

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Rustic Douglas Fir flooring was traditionally found in log cabins and farmhouses because it was readily available, and less expensive than Vertical Grain Fir flooring.  Today it ads a classic, old world charm to modern homes.  Made from high-altitude Rocky Mountain Douglas Fir. All solid wood. 

$ 3.85 /sqft  6-3/4" Face Width

Made in USA. We ship nationwide.

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Why Solid Real Wood?

Unlike chemical laden linoleum, carpet, laminate flooring or MDF products, it is likely solid wood Doug Fir flooring won’t end up in a landfill after a 10-20 years. A large number of our customers are restoring 1800’s to 1940’s Victorian or Craftsman homes. We find many of the homes still have their original VG Douglas Fir flooring and solid wood moldings.  Solid wood can be sanded and refinished to look like new for up to 100 years or more.  When/if it does expire it may be recycled. 

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