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What you need to know about the reclaimed Doug Fir flooring

Reclaimed Flooring VS Flooring made from reclaimed wood.

Salvaged - reclaimed flooring:

This material is always damaged during the removal process. Nailed T&G joints break even during the most careful demolition. These floors were built to withstand refinishing, but after 100 years most are thin, and may not withstand another sanding.  High traffic areas near doorways and stairs were likely sanded harder than room edges or closets during refinishing.  Originally unnoticed, thickness variations becomes obvious when boards are shuffled and re-installed in a new pattern. Sanding this uneven surface normally removes too much wood and the project end in disaster. 

Flooring made from Reclaimed wood:

Whidbey Millhouse produces new flooring from reclaimed structural beams The finished product contains nail holes, bolt holes, patina, knots, small cracks and or other rustic defects. This is a unique look and will not match your existing 100 year old floors.   

Reclaimed Flooring
Reclaimed Flooring
Old Flooring VS New Flooring

So how do you fix an old floor?

Old floors were re-finished because it made them look new.  The not-so-obvious solution to match old flooring is to use new VG Fir flooringThe picture below shows a recently installed new floor next to a refinished original 1908 floor.  This is the best solution we can recommend. 

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