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Whidbey Millhouse®

Doug Fir landing transitions, stair treads & risers

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Bull nose stair tread.jpg

1" x 11-1/4" Stair Treads 

Bull nosed only

Vertical Grain DF     $ 1.95/ lineal inch

Tight Knot Pine        $ 0.70/ lineal inch

Stair riser.jpg

7-1/4" Stair Risers 

Vertical Grain DF    $ 0.85/ lineal inch

Mix Grain  DF           $ 0.38/ lineal inch

Tight knot DF           $ 0.20/ lineal inch

Clear Pine                 $ 0.35/ lineal inch

Tight Knot Pine       $ 0.15/ lineal inch

Landing transition.jpg

1" Landing Transitions 

Vertical Grain DF    $ 1.14/ lineal inch

Douglas Fir and Tight Knot Pine flooring accessories to go along with your project.  All materials are solid and without glue lines.  To prevent waste we only charge for the length(s) needed. Lengths are not precision trimmed.  We ship over length -0/+1" to allow your custom fitting on site. Not all products available at all times.  Please ask.

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